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DJ Army Summer

We hope to come back in the summer

We might come back

Most likely we will come back ur 1ic Baseball1043 :3 LETS COME BACK!

I’m Hunting For Mods.

Hey Guys If You  Are A Nub Or Mod Then Get Your Ass Over Here https://thedjarmy.wordpress.com/join/ 

If You Join The Dj Army And Stay To Help To Get Some Peopple Then Show Your Ass In The Events I Will Give You A Higher Rank .

SO JOIN NOW!!!!https://thedjarmy.wordpress.com/join/


Dj Army Of Cp Is Back!!!!

Hey ppl Dj Dan isnt here anymore now this is my blog and i am Abcd171 .

If you wana join our army you have to be loyal and know how to be tuff  like when someone says “Fuck You”

what will you do?

1 : You Know What, You Might Be Dumb Enough To Belive That I Will Waist My Time Cursing With You Insted Of  Joining The Army,  Well If You Do Then You Are Way Beyond Stupid!!!!

2: Please Don’t Hurt Me  Just Take This Fre EXP Insted

If You Chose NUBER 1 then you can join.

If You Chose NUMBER 2 then get out of here you pussy!

We are coming back!

2g of DJ Army is coming back!

Where are the Pages?

At the mercy of Ph3NoM.

-Gaara. Fuck you gases I’m in ph3nom too. You mother fucker I’m mod on ph3nom chat you fag

We got hacked help me get the ranks and join page done and fix and up to date